Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road to Trinity is Open

Greetings all you hikers and campers that have been chomping at the bit to get out to your favorite hiking trails, the road is finally opened to the Trinity TH & Phelps Ck TH. Now that the road is opened that doesn't guarantee that you will be able to get to your favorite spots just yet, there is still lots of snow up at higher elevations above 6500'

The deer have been flooding in here for the last couple of weeks but they were about 2 weeks behind when they normally arrive but just like clockwork the hummingbirds showed with a vengence, the males have moved up higher and the females are back to build their nest and lay eggs.

This was an extremely weird winter not as cold as we would have liked and much wetter making things very difficult but we survived another one and looking forward to many more, too bad all of that rain wasn't snow or it would have been a record year...

It only took me 7 mo 6 days to get my truck in from the garage back to Trinity, the dogs are digging getting to ride in and out once again...

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us everywhere here in the mountains...Peace
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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mudslide Damage on Road to Trinity above Atkinson Flats

These photos are of the last narrow bridge heading to Trinity above Atkinson Flats, normally a dry ck until meltout happens but unfortunately this winter's rain changed all of that for us...
According to the FS road manager they might not get up there to look at it until after the end of June if then...
Both gates are still locked as of now but will keep ya'll updated on how the melt is going...

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Meltout continues

Happy Memorial Day everyone, thought I would give an update on the meltout and road conditions for those of you aching to get out in the mountains.

The road to Trinity is closed at the first gate because of the snow still on the road and will be for at least another couple of weeks and then it will only be opened to Atkinson Flats, as the 2nd gate is also closed due to a sever mudslide at the narrow bridge just north of the 2nd gate which will require work before traffic is allowed on it, and we've been told it won't be until the end of June if it happens then.

I know this is not what many hikers and campers want to hear especially with the long delay in opening the roads. These photos were taken right around the houses and across the creek this morning to show just how much snow is still here. I'll do my best to keep ya'll informed as I know the changes to the road conditions. For any of you planning early trips up this direction you might want to rethink or reschedule your plans...

Get out and enjoy the day with friends and family...Peace

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Really cold temps but sunny

Talk about a crazy start to winter, the snow has been slow in coming with only a couple of inches at a time it seems, and with only 14" total and temps dropping to -1 for a couple of days but we did have nice sunny weather...
The snow stopped basically except for small light flurries during the day that didn't amount to anything, but that has changed now the temps are back up to 14 and overnight we almost doubled the total amount of snow here in just one 24 hour period...Even though we are about half of what we had already at this time last year, at least it's snowed all the way to the lake 23 miles away and that is a good thing so they will possibly start grooming on Dec 1 which is the offical start of the sno-park season.

When we came home last Sat after visiting some friends and getting another 300# of dog food, we said goodbye to the dog bus from Trinty and sent it out to the garage for winter, but were wondering if we had made a mistake since we weren't seeing any snow, just really cold temps, well once it warmed up here came the snow.

These photos are of the dam in it's frozen glory when the temps had dropped to -1 overnight and stayed coooooold for a couple of day, the top photo is of the dam itself, the 2nd photo is of the icedams forming on the rocks below the dam and the 3rd photo is looking back above James Ck...
For those of you that have ben waiting for the snow to get here before breaking out those sleds, well it's time to get them out and go have some fun, there is now plenty of snow out here to have a nice POW ride, you can get first tracks out this way but know that I've enjoyed the first tracks here for the last few days and it's good...

Now get out there and enjoy the POW and leave the shopping to those who just don't know better...Peace
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ron

Yesterday I had a surprise visit from Ron a man I've gotten to sorta know through this blog for the last 1.5 yrs or so.

He's read about the hills and snow and rides with other friends and hoped to get up here before now but the weather or snow hasn't always worked out.
Yesterday he showed up with about 10 other friends on sleds so I gave them the grand tour starting at the dam since the snow is deepest and most pow available along with some hills to climb.

Well the virgin snow isn't virgin anymore after Ron and Adam tackled a couple of the hills around here.

I hope you had a good time Ron and as you've heard and now seen and enjoyed plenty of snow here to have fun with and it would take many days and much gas to explore all there is behind the gate not including what is available before the gate.

According to them the trail here was smooth and fast very few tracks and all on the trail nothing through the trees or off trail except what me and the dogs have done around here.
Not many people can say that they got to hill climb, play in the POW in the mountains and even throw a few strikes at the Wilderness Bowling alley along with being the first to really shred some of Atkinson Flats along the river since the last snow we got last week. It was a great day I think hope ya'll did too.

The biggest surprise to all of them was how well Bear, Peace & Lillie kept up or lead the way for the snowmobiles, several people commented that one minute they were passing one of the dogs only to meet them further up the trail on the way to the dam.
I have to admit they are the best snowmobiling dogs I've ever seen yet they aren't into riding one just yet.

We found our Paradise, hope you find your's too. Peace
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Coldest Morning So Far this Winter

This top photo is of the hot tub out back and the easiest way to get to it, just ride up to it, get off your sled and climb in, the water is only 116 degrees as you can see in the 2nd photo. The last couple of mornings we have had 27, 26 and this morning a whopping 22 degrees which is making the snow hard as concrete until it finally warms up just in time to start getting hard as the sun goes down again.

This photo is of Buck Mountain this morning as the sun is just peeking up over the Entiat Mountains @ 7am. It's one of my favorite times of the morning because the sun is just saying hello for the day.

This photo is of Massie Ridge while the Low is sittin on top of all of the mountains yesterday morning as we first got out and going for our morning hike. this is what makes living here so worth it beacause everyday is something new to experience in Paradise.

We found our Paradise, hope you find yours too. Peace
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Deep Snow Already Here

The top photo is the front gate yesterday morning before we started tto dig it out enough for my friend's ATV could get in here and we could raise the gate

This photo is Phelps CK looking upstream from the side of the bridge at the front gate.

This is looking at the bridge from the upstream side back towards the parking lot this morning. It was this Deep snow that caused difficulty for my friend to make it in here on his tracked Can Am 800.

This is looking at the gate from inside looking out and the snow at the bottom of the gate is from yesterday because we had dug it out yesterday enough for the gate to open wide enough for the ATV to get inside. Unfortunately this deep snow caused him to burn much more gas than expected and he ran out so he hunkered down at the Basalt TH restroom and Dave and Cricket rode in and found him and brought him out last night around 10pm. We have received 56" of snow since Monday morning with over 5' on the gauge already and it's not even Thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone that helped Bob get out of here last night, much appreciated.
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